Important Overlooked Policies
Chances are you might already have good coverage as far as liability goes, but this article explains features that are easy to forget about that you might be interested in:
What You Should Know Before Buying Business Insurance
We don't believe in you the client making rash decisions with your business insurance. Please take a few minutes read about what you should know before you make a decision on insurance for your baby known as your biz.
Auto Insurance Rates Have Increased Dramatically
Noticing an increase in your auto insurance? You're not alone. Find out how, why and what you can do about it below (ask us for a quote too):


The Hartman Insurance Agency believes that you should have the best options available for your insurance needs. We take extra care in protecting what you value. Part of that includes you knowing what the news and reports on insurance are. So we have taken the opportunity to share articles from independent sources that give you a forecast of what you can expect from the multiple sectors of the insurance industry.


Check them out below with their respective links!

Time To Check-up on Your Homeowners Insurance
This is the year you should run a check-up on your homeowners insurance so you know you're getting the most for your dollar in coverage:
What Is Environmental Liability?
This is probably a term you've heard before but we're really sure what is was. The article in the link below explains it and how it can be beneficial to your business (particular if machine and equipment are involved).
Small Business Insurance Basics
The following article is shared from Insurance Information Institute that details the basic coverage recommended for your business's liability coverage.

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